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“Of Myth and Men: The White Night is a true fantasy epic, sweeping in scope but with an emotional integrity and a classic message of love, forgiveness, redemption that matches the significance of any classic of the genre. Mythologies from across the ages are skillfully and imaginatively rewritten and incorporated into a complex and fascinating alternative history, as well as a modern-day fight to the death between good and evil. If this sounds typical to you, you are in for a treat, because this is actually a fresh new take on ancient ideas and fantasy genre conventions. It's a must-read for fantasy aficionados of all ages.”

~ Allister Thompson, author, former senior editor of Dundurn Press, and editor of award winning novels

Of Myth and Men: The White Night

Volumes I & II or the Complete Edition

"A malevolent tyrant plotting to become the God of Gods, a divided council of mystics, soul-hungry vampires, a tortured Ikon of Light, and the darkness that threatens to consume all -- Of Myth and Men is the origin story you must read. A mage of emotion, Coscarella summons primal terror, visceral repulsion, haunting grief, and selfless courage that inspires. This epic chronicle reminds us that family is often found in the most unlikely of places." ~ Britanie Wilson, author, editor (fantasy).

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Millennia ago, Mortals and Mystics cared for this world together. To honour their union, they created Los Paché, the City of Peace, where all lived in a state of harmony. Yet, on a single fateful eve, darkness and devastation descended from the stars. Division befell Mortals and Mystics, and the bonds of peace were frayed.
Amidst the chaos, rose a malevolent soul that sought to become the God of Gods and claim the world his own. The tyrant fathered the vilest of beasts — the Cult of the Nosferatu — vicious vampires with the single purpose of feeding on the Mortal breed. They terrorized, raped, then devoured their victims, like piranhas’ would a child, and all at their Father’s behest. This treachery inflamed the ire of men, and hellish wars ensued. Mortals vanquished the Mystics, who were then forced into a life of solitude.
Much time has since passed.
The year is now 2020. Our world is in grave peril.
Under the dominion of Mortals, man’s incessant abuse of the planet has caused global unrest. Veiled by mystery and shadow, the Nosferatu secretly prey upon Mortals once again.
Much relies on four magical beings with extraordinary gifts — Elijah, Seth, Damon and Kaji, who have set out on a secret quest to rid the world of vampires and raise Los Paché from the dead.
But, unbeknownst to Elijah and his friends, the Father of the Nosferatu has returned. The tyrant has set his dark eyes upon the greatest evil ever known — the Deusneros. Should it be freed, it will mark the end of history.
Amidst the impending gloom there remains a spark of hope. For the fate of all creation may rest upon the shoulders of a little boy.
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“Of Myth and Men: The White Night” is a fantasy epic with exciting, original characters, drawing on diverse and ancient mythologies from across the globe in a unique and refreshing style.
This action-packed magical adventure follows four main characters, Elijah, Seth, Damon and Kaji, on a perilous secret quest, while also paying tribute to traditional lore surrounding gods, goddesses, mystical beings, and the terrifying Nosferatu. The very complex characters experience various shared struggles, including depression, exclusion, persecution, rejection, abuse, loss of family, and betrayal, all of which make them hauntingly familiar and relatable, as does their idealism and heroism.
This thrilling and dramatic saga is cleverly crafted, as suspenseful and thoughtful as it is genuine and heartfelt. It provides readers with a rich, well-researched origin story, against which you are invited to mirror the real world’s past, present, and its possible future with a different light.