The one myth that binds them all

‘Of Myth and Men: The White Night’ is a modern day fable that introduces you to a vast array of new and original characters as well as those drawn from ancient mythologies from across the globe.

The story pays tribute to traditional lore as well as the myth of the vampire, and creatively connects them all to put forward a fresh story with many possible endings and future direction.


The Ikon, the Sun Demon and the Dread:

We introduce you to Elijah Ra the Ikon of Light, Seth the Sun Demon, Damon the Dread and Kaji-Imitus the Lion’s Bride; some of the exciting and unique characters that form the basis our new lore.

Through their action filled epic adventure, you will bear witness to the birth of a new world, a world that exists within our own.  

Simply put, there has never been a tale quite like this.


A backstory synopsis:

Millenniums ago, Mortals and Mystics cared for this world. Together, they built the City of Peace where all lived in harmony. Yet that came to an end one fateful eve. Division befell Mortals and Mystics. The bonds of peace were frayed. The centuries that followed were rife with bloodshed and pious deceit. Mortals evolved and their numbers grew, and the balance of power began to shift in their favour.

Amidst the chaos rose one that sought to become the ‘god of gods’ and claim the world as his own. To achieve this, the tyrant fathered the vilest of beasts - the Cult of the Nosferatu - to feed on the Mortal breed.

The Father’s treachery inflamed the ire of men and hellish wars ensued. Mortals vanquished the Mystics and all that once existed was reduced to fairytale, folklore and myth.

The year is now 2013.

An outcast with extraordinary gifts has set upon a secret quest: to annihilate the Nosferatu and unite Mortals and Mystics once again. His name is Elijah Ra. He is a bastard, a half-breed, and the last Ikon of Light. For hundreds of years, he hunted alone until he met three Mystics that share his goals - Seth the Sun Demon, Damon the Dread and Kaji-Imitsu the Lion’s Bride. Together, they scour the globe for vampires and slaughter them mercilessly.

Yet Elijah and his friends are unaware that the Father of the Nosferatu has returned. The tyrant readies to assert his hegemony by claiming the darkest of beasts. Should he succeed, it will mark the end of history.

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