What is this?

‘Of Myth and Men: The White Night’ is the introductory novel by Francesco A. Coscarella, the first of a planned trilogy.

‘This’ product is like a photo-graphic novel. We intend to blend our original story with photographs of its unique characters in a manner and style never before seen.

Conceived as an immersive and multi platform digital experience - the characters have been brought to life thru Francesco’s creativity and the brilliant photography of Richard Sibbald.

‘This’ is also a passion project.

With no prior training in this field, Francesco put his life on hold and set off in pursuit of a dream. In addition to authoring the tale, he directed and produced all photo-shoots as well as manufactured or designed all the costumes, sets, props and everything you see or will see on this site. 

WE INVITE YOU to take a tour of our site to learn more of the story and characters.

Please take a moment to review the Credits, where you will learn of the wonderful and talented people that shared Francesco's passion and helped put 'this' together.

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