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Francesco A. Coscarella

Writer/Creator and Executive Producer

Like many people, Francesco has been a fan of graphic novels and cinema since he was a child. He was constantly drawing or creating stories, which continued into his adult life.

In 2001, while driving home late one night listening to music, Francesco was struck by a revelation, which resulted in the creation of “Elijah Ra.” The analysis underpinning the Ikon’s creation became the foundation for Of Myth and Men. Francesco always wanted to pursue his creative side and decided to take a chance. After researching mythologies from across the world, he spent time drafting a detailed manuscript. He then thought to turn his novel into an immersive multi-platform digital experience, inclusive of photographs of actors in costume portraying the characters and scenes. Simply put, he wanted to see his characters and story come to life.

After founding Digital Providence Publications, he started his “passion project.” In addition to writing the novel, Francesco produced, cast, and directed the photo shoots as well as coordinated with make-up and special effects artists. He designed and in most cases hand-made the costumes, props, and miniature sets. Francesco also designed and then created all related artwork, including the book covers, posters, advertisements, and websites. He accomplished all of this without any prior training or experience.

 Francesco would not have succeeded without the tremendous contributions of many gifted artists. He is thankful to have worked with Monica S. Kuebler (editorial consultant), Allister Thompson (copy editor) and Britanie Wilson (proofreader). He is equally grateful to have worked with many talented actors, make-up artists and in particular Richard Sibbald, whose brilliant photography and story-telling style captured the essence of all the characters.

Prior to writing Of Myth and Men: The White Night, Francesco earned a Double Major Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Law and Society. After graduating cum laude, he was awarded a scholarship and completed a Master's degree in Political Science and Judicial Administration. He graduated from law school in 2000 and was called to the Bar in 2002. In addition to practicing law, Francesco has also worked as a part-time instructor at a college of applied arts and taught various law-related courses.

His greatest honour to date is being uncle to his three nephews, Anthony, Daniel, and Michael.


Monica S. Kuebler

Editorial Consultant

Monica’s guidance, candour, constructive feedback, commitment and patience were vital in crafting my debut novel. I was fortunate and grateful to have worked with her.” ~ Francesco A. Coscarella

Monica’s talents, professionalism and experience made her the ideal choice as Editorial Consultant. Her near twenty years as a professional writer, editor and performer has earned her the accolades and respect of her peers. Monica was the former Managing Editor and now current contributing editor at Rue Morgue Magazine, a popular monthly publication exclusively devoted to covering horror in culture and entertainment. She also works as a freelance writer and editor. She successfully published an online vampire serial, Blood Magic Saga.

Monica is also the editor-in-chief of her own micro press, Burning Effigy Press. She has authored four chapbooks: Two Weeks of Silence... or a journey into chaos (1997), Legacy (1999), Bruises on the Inside (2001), and the sound of one girl screaming (2002). Monica has also co-written a collection of poetry with Cynthia Gould, Some Words Spoken (2002). She spent ten years as performance poet between 1996 and 2006, during which time she appeared on stages as far abroad as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and London, England.

Allister Thompson

Copy Editor

"Allister’s experience, contribution and feedback were essential in producing a polished and professional piece of work."~ Francesco A. Coscarella

Allister is an author, former senior editor of Dundurn Press, and editor of award winning novels. He has over 15 years of experience working both freelance and in-house for publishers and authors in North America and Europe. He has worked on countless successful novels ranging from young adult books, adult fiction and nonfiction.

He studied History and English at the University of Toronto, attended Ryerson University’s publishing program and is a member of the Editors Association of Canada. He is also a semi-professional musician, playing in numerous bands and composing his own music.

Britanie Wilson


"Without question, Britanie’s professionalism, feedback and keen eye improved the overall quality of the novel."~ Francesco A. Coscarella

Britanie is an author as well as an experienced editor, copy editor, indexer and proofreader. She has worked on a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles. She earned her Honours Specialization degree in English Language and Literature from King’s University College at Western University. Britanie then completed the industry-renowned Book and Magazine Publishing program at Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario.


Richard Sibbald

Principal Photographer

“Richard Sibbald is a legend. His amazing talents and abilities are only surpassed by his character. I was privileged to have worked with him and proud to call him a friend.” ~ Francesco A. Coscarella

Richard is one of Canada's most recognized top fashion and commercial photographers. His forceful and persuasive style is a classic favourite with top record companies, athletes, celebrities and musicians. He has worked with various notable artists and athletes ranging from Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson from Rush, Jack White, Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, Jamie Fox, Vin Diesel, Kat Von D, to athletes like Steven Stamkos, P.K. Subban, and Georges St-Pierre.

Richard's professionalism, acute vision for current trends and demands of the industry have made him highly sought after. His 25 years of experience in the industry have showcased his unique versatility only few can claim. Richard's work has appeared across the world; in magazines, billboards, online, on television as well as in the classroom. He gives frequent lectures on technical aspects of photography at various institutions. He was the celebrity photographer in the popular television series 'Look-a-Like', seen across Canada and the United States.

Richard's trademark expressive approach and hard exposure are aimed at capturing the strength of his subjects and their emotional intensity. His unique style, technical knowledge and skill set made Richard the perfect choice as principle photographer.

Richard’s reputation for taking risks with his talents is reinforced by his ongoing commitment to this creative endeavor. His reputation in the industry attracted many talented persons to the project. His 'on and off' set contributions and input have proven to be invaluable. His work speaks for itself.

Alex Radovini


Alex, an old friend of Francesco's, and promising photographer was eager to lend his talents to this creative project. He was responsible for photographs of the interior "farm house", barn and factory.


(in alphabetical order, starting with first name)

Adam Brooks                                   Lord Odin

Alex Radoicovich                              vampire

Amer Kamra                                      Angel Face 

André Matthews                                Damon the Dread

Andrew Sinclair                                 Mr. Red

Angelica                                            The Lady of Fate

Angelo Radimisis                              Marcus/the Atruhm

Aslan                                                 Lord Zeus

Bertrand C. Jackson                          Nicolas

Bobby Driedger                                  Alexander

Carol Saulay                                      vampire

Charlie Riina                                      Lady Hel 

Chase Lye                                          Mr. Rat

Chris Cecile                                        Mr. Money-clip

Christina Y                                          Angel

Christopher Ricci                                Michael

David Disher                                       homeless man

Daniel Ricci                                         beautiful baby boy

Dylan Driedger                                    Daniel

Ethan Bentolila                                    orphan

Erica Cox                                            Haggard Angel

Fraser Toms                                        Kyle

Gianni Valentini                                   vampire

James Erdt                                          Adelaar

Jami Lynne Harper                             Jenny

Jeremy Driedger                                 orphan

Joshua McGuire                                 Smiley 

K. Emery Bishop                                 Victor the warlock

Kelli Baker                                           vampire

Keri Knapp                                          vampire

Kimberly Montgomery                         Kaji Imitsu

Kitsuné Soleil                                      Lady Raven

Kyle Gentle                                         Mr. Ace 

Lena Vajakas                                      Silver

Lucas Bowrah                                     orphan

Margaret Mulligan                               vampire

Maria Silvano                                      patient

Marie-France Savoie                          vampire

Michael Kwao                                     newborn vampire

Michael Stollar                                   Guardian

Mike “300”                                          vampire

M McCormick                                     school girl vampire

Olivia Bowrah                                     orphan

Phil Espinola                                      Mr. Brute 

Piotr Biernat                                       Hermes

Richard Sibbald                                  police officer

Ryan Le Bar                                       Mr. Vain 

Sandra Wheatle                                 woman in the rain

Shaheim Thomas                               Seth the Sun Demon

Sean Delaney                                     Tomas the Guardian

Seth Bentolila                                      orphan

Stanleigh Mitchell                               vampire

Tanya Mollo                                        woman in the rain

Tex Entsch                                          Lord Merlyn Wynd

Tina Radimisis                                    vampire


"I have yet to work with a makeup artist that wasn't a wonderful, helpful and talented person. Special thanks and gratitude to Sandra, Sheilagh and Matthew for their contributions and support.~ Francesco A. Coscarella

Sandra Wheatle

Senior Make Up Artist

Sandra's talents and 20 plus years of experience as a makeup artist has made her highly sought after. She has worked on numerous motion picture including American Psycho starring Christian Bale, Bryan Singer's X-Men , Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich's - Resident Evil sequels ( "Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D" and Resident Evil: Retribution), Suicide Squad, and most recently, she worked on the T.V. series, Suits

Sandra has remained a keen supporter and advisor to this project since its inception. She worked on many of the main characters, such as Elijah Ra, Lord Merlyn Wynd, Tomas, Lord Odin, Lord Zeus, Victor the Warlock, Damon the Dread and Kaji Imitsu. In addition, she was responsible for one of the most challenging and important characters - 'the Atruhm'.

Matthew DeWilde

Senior Make Up SPFX Artist and Prosthetic Designer

Matthew is one of the premier special effects make up artists in Toronto and co-owner of DeWilde FX Studio a special effects and prosthetic studio.

Matthew has worked on various projects in his 35 years as a professional makeup artist, including various motion pictures, such as Jacob's Ladder, Journey to the West, Pontypool and Stir of Echoes: The Homcoming. He has worked on numerous television series including, "FX-The Series", "PSI Factor", "H2O' and "Goosebumps". Matthew also freelances for toy and leisure companies. In addition to working on feature films and television, Matthew is also a prosthetic/special effects instructor at the School of Professional Makeup Ltd., located in Toronto.

Matthew created the original prosthetic masks and effects for two of the main characters, 'Seth the Sun Demon' and 'the Father of the Nosferatut'.

Sheilagh A. McGrory

Senior Make Up SPFX Artist

Sheilagh is a special make up effects and prosthetics artist and instructor. She works in Toronto and through out Ontario. She is currently the Senior Instructor and Dean of Academics at the School of Make Up Art Ltd. She is also a co-owner of DeWilde FX Studio along with her partner Matthew DeWilde.

Sheilagh has worked on various feature films such as George Romero's Land of the Dead, Death Race, Resident Evil:Apocalypse, Mirvish Productions' The Lion King, and television productions Witchblade, Lost Girl, XIII and Beauty and the Beast.

Sheilagh's talents are only matched by her continuing generosity and support. She worked on many of the main characters, including Elijah Ra and the Homeless Man. In addition, Matthew and Sheilagh were the key makeup artists for the Father of the Nosferatu as well as produced and applied Elijah's facial and hand burns.

Vanessa Sinclair

Make Up Artist

Vanessa was the first make up artist to work on the project. She helped establish the quality of the production at the outset and was wonderful to work with. Vanessa worked on many of the main characters, including 'Elijah Ra', 'Damon the Dread', 'Kaji Imitsu' and more.

Tanya Mollo

Make Up Artist

Tanya is a special make up effects artists and hair stylist. She has applied her skills in both the film and music industry, working on various music videos and events.

Tanya joined the project in 2010 and remains an avid supporter. In addition to being an excellent make up artists, Tanya recruited other make up artists to participate with the project. Tanya worked on numerous photo-shoots, both behind and, on one occasion, in front of the camera.

Oriana Rossi

Make Up Artist

Oriana is a special make up effects artists and hair instructor at the School of Make Up Artists Ltd. Oriana's has worked primarily in the music industry and with such artists like Sara Slean, and Beoduin Soundclash. She worked for Broken Social Scene at the 2011 Juno Awards, and on numerous music videos for various artists, such as the Strumbellas and Skrillex.

Oriana joined the project in 2010 and worked on various shoots, some involving vampires and 'the Guardians of Los Paché'. Her enthusiasm on set was only matched by her talents.

Burton LeBlanc

Make Up Artist

Burton is a special make up effects artist with years of experience working in film, television as well as in the music industry. Burton was the key make up artist for 'Alexander the vampire Sire'.

Ashleigh Marchand

Make Up Artist

Ashleigh, a graduate of the School of Make Up Artists Ltd., was the key make up artist for two mythical characters, Lord Osiris and Lord Anubis. She was great to work with.


Bayview Tailoring

Bayview Tailoring, is owned and operated by Antonio Coscarella, the best tailor in Toronto. He is also Francesco's father. Antonio, a tailor with over 45 years’ experience, and seamstress Natalina Grosso, tailored many of the original garments, jackets and robes designed by Francesco.

None of Francesco's dreams or aspirations would have materialized without the support of his parents for which he is eternally grateful.

Francesco A. Coscarella

Francesco designed, manufactured or detailed all of the costumes, masks, props and miniature sets. Many of the more elaborate costumes he made by hand, including the “armoured” costumes for the Four Sentinels, (which were made from sheets of foam, paper, and old hockey equipment.)


Jamie Maing

Digital Artist and Webpage Consultant

"Jamie was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, responsive and resourceful. His input was invaluable." ~ Francesco A. Coscarella

Jamie is a bright and talented web-page designer and digital artist. He designed, then prepared all of our web sites. Jamie also prepared draft digital wire-frames and layouts for the initial product concept.

Tim Anderson

Digital Artist

Tim, a talented digital artist, prepared some of the digital paintings, including draft versions of the mythical city of 'Los Paché' and 'The Spirits of Light'. He is presently employed with one of the top video game company's in the industry.

Keith Atkinson

Digital Artist

Keith, another talented digital artist, worked on various 3D models. He also helped recruit other artists to participate with the project. Currently, Keith is employed with one of the top special effects studios in downtown Toronto.


“Rocco and Luciano are two of my oldest friends, who were always generous with their time and supportive. They are both great people and even better fathers.”~ Francesco A. Coscarella

Rocco Casullo

Product Consultant and Marketing Advisor

Rocco has been a consultant since the early days of this project and provided his experience and support to his long-time friend Francesco.

Luciano Butera

Business Development Advisor

Luciano, a successful entrepreneur and business owner, has acted as Francesco's advisor from the day the project was launched. Luciano has remained steadfast in his support.


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